Winds ( Lolohe )

"Lolohe" - Redup. of lohe; to listen carefully, attentively…a listener to the rain [unafraid of rain because of high rank].

Wind is known to produce gentle yet monumental geographical structures, which surround our daily routines on the planet where we live. Yet when we explore the actual mechanisms of what Wind can do, the monuments left behind become more mysterious with each observation, each experiencing of the grand remnants.

This project speaks to the hidden and the esoteric; that which is transmitted privately and orally or via keen hearing. Many of the mysterious and hidden landscapes of much of the world, are buried in myth, disinformation, topsoil, taboo, allegory, puns, rhymes, and rumors. These shattered pieces of truth are transmitted across generations giving visual and tactile skills of “listening” with the senses.

The canon of recorded geography is like that of the known species of life in the world -- while to the layman the catalog seems inscrutable and complete, to a viewer of this project, the catalog is but a vague shadow and a light shined onto of the entirety of unending "natural" landscapes that may otherwise seem mundane.

There is a veil that is thin yet very present is all nature and all landscapes. To access it we need only to listen carefully with tools other than our ears. I try to identify what that may be ( dark-matter? starstuff? ); I continue to use ink and on occasion blood, a meaningful place to begin.

A sea-spray ineffably levitating against gravity; a cavernous abyss carefully etched into the depths of the Earth; perfectly formed hills which echo the majestic architecture of the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. A deeper exploration of Wind makes the observer marvel at the omnipresent intelligence carried within it.

Each work is unique.


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