The Sum and Its Parts

The Sum and Its Parts

Self-Similarity Beneath the Whole

I used to hate laughing. Not any laugh, but a joyous laugh, with others, that let my spirit free for a brief moment. I hated it because in the millisecond that I began to almost laugh, something inside would realize that if I began, that moment would soon end, and the laugh would be over, and the joy would be gone. Everything felt contrived, unfamiliar, far.

I found the connection between myself and others through the lens of Myth and Storie. I try to embrace what humans share rather than what divides us - these things are told through all forms of Storie. Whether passed on through written tale, a grandfather’s magical rant to a child, or through simple sayings that are engrained into our everyday lives whose etymology we barely know or question. I want to follow and embrace others’ lives through that lens of Myth way I do mine.

I find it fascinating this contrast we all seem to have - an unspoken agreement to almost ignore, because to bring it to the forefront would be to shatter our reality and our way of going about this Thing called Life. The contrast I speak of is the one between the world of the physiological/anatomical, and that of the spiritual/emotional/psychological--we have many names for this – I speak of the world of our experiences.

Though we are 'simply' a labyrinth of intricate vessels and veins, we are also pain and grateful joy. Though we are cartilage, exquisitely formed by the alchemy of Nature, we are also the richness that comes with age and with living Life. The Mind and Body were never separate.

Beneath our consciousness we are so much and yet something so seemingly unrelated - Beneath our Humanity, our Stories, we are just Blood, Sinew, Synapse, Myth, Bone.


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